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Meaningful Use of Administrative Services

The purpose of this document is to help healthcare providers better understand the subject of Meaningful Use as it relates to insurance-related administrative services, revenue cycle management and interoperability with other healthcare systems.

Open Transaction Interoperability

Given the multitude of forces influencing healthcare administration including government regulation, market pressure, vendor consolidation, and new service offerings providers will be well served to select a position that maintains a level of flexibility and does not restrict adaptability.

RealMed is Committed to Helping You Prepare for HIPAA 5010

RealMed is here to provide you services, support and information for the transition to the new HIPAA 5010 standards. Please review the downloadable PDF to learn more about how RealMed will be here to help.

Keys to Collective Medical Revenue

The key to successful collections is verifying insurance eligibility before medical services are rendered.

Case Studies

Case study – Carolinas HealthCare System

Carolinas HealthCare System was growing, and as claim volumes mounted, claim error rates doubled. Find out how Carolinas HealthCare recovered $8 million, brought its claim edit backlog to zero and reduced its claim edits by 97 percent.

Case Study – Adventist Health System

Adventist Health System was troubled by inconsistent billing practices and disparate systems across seven central billing offices. Find out how AHS reduced time to payment by 17 % -- bringing days in accounts receivable to an all-time low -- by standardizing processes and improving workflow with RealMed.

Case Study – Asheville Anesthesia Associates

Asheville Anesthesia Associates faced a growing accounts receivable file and a payment collection process that was too slow. Learn how they used RealMed to reduce time-to-payment by 75%, and reduce their average days in A/R by 62.5%.

Case Study – Purdue University Student Health Center

Purdue University Student Health Center’s status as a non-participating provider forced the organization to spend months chasing down Explanation of Benefits statements and payments, regularly pushing its accounts receivables past 120 days. Read how Purdue was able able to reduce their overall days in A/R by 33% while reducing the number of accounts sent to collections.