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Eligibility Management

Are you tired of sending claims, only to have them rejected due to invalid eligibility? Does it take too much time for your staff to verify your patients’ eligibility and benefits? RealMed can help with our eligibility management service.

  • Dramatically reduce denials
  • Automatically verify eligibility
  • Increase operating efficiency and staff proficiency
  • Reduce and eliminate rework, denials and errors

Dramatically reduce denials - RealMed dramatically reduces denials due to eligibility errors. By using our automated batch and real-time eligibility features, you can receive near real-time, systematic checking of coverage information well before the patient is seen, reducing time spent calling payers and visiting payer websites.

Automatically verify eligibility - RealMed’s verification process is automated and integrated into the claims submission process. This sharpens your focus on exceptions and problems, providing you with another chance to resolve eligibility errors before the claim is sent to the payer.

Increase operating efficiency and staff proficiency – RealMed eligibility management service displays all eligibility and coverage information in a consistent format. Know what type of insurance and benefits the patients have before they come to your office.

Reduce and eliminate future work, denials and errors – Correct and update patients’ registration files, so you can eliminate rework, denials and errors.